Anenon + Lina Allemano’s Titanium Riot



Saturday February 8

Anenon +
Lina Allemano’s Titanium Riot

Part of the Jazz Avant series

Doors 7pm / Concert 8pm
Tickets $20 Regular / $10 Member
$15 Advance at Soundscapes or BUY NOW

Left field Left Coast saxophone improvisations augmented by warp speed processing.

Brian Allen Simon, aka Anenon, hails from Los Angeles where he runs Non Projects, a label dedicated to the city’s most innovative artists and composers. The label is a quasar at the edges of a galaxy of abstract bass-heavy music whose brightest stars are Flying Lotus and Thundercat. Like his pals in the Dublab collective (who appeared at the MG in 2011), Anenon and his label pursue the joy of uncovering hidden and undiscovered sounds and resonances.

Anenon studied jazz in university but when it came time to make music he gravitated to the tools at his disposal: electronics. His severely processed saxophone compositions came to the attention of the Red Bull Music Academy, which he attended in 2011. One of that edition’s highlights in Madrid was a double bill featuring him on a devastating double bill with Morton Subotnick which remains one of the Academy’s all time highlights. Simon goes both high- and low-tech to create constantly shifting textures and harmonies for his rich tone on tenor sax. In effect (pun intended), his use of electronics sounds like an ensemble whose instrumental voices change gradually over the course of a set.

Lina Allemano’s Titanium Riot is one of the celebrated Toronto trumpet player’s recent projects and certainly the most electric. Retaining Nick Fraser from her quartet on drums, she adds Rob Clutton on Fender bass and Ryan Driver on analog synth to create an elastic energy behind her signature lyrical melodies. Titanium Riot is in the process of preparing their first album release.


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