Emergents I, curated by Melody McKiver: Clarinet Panic Deluxx + Cris Derksen



Thursday, December 04, 2014

The Music Gallery presents:
Emergents I, curated by Melody McKiver: Clarinet Panic Deluxx + Cris Derksen

Part of the Emergents Series

Doors: 7pm | Concert: 8pm
Concert: The Music Gallery, 197 John St.
Tickets: $12 regular | $8 members | $12 advance BUY NOW

Our first Emergents show brings together the work of two exciting young cellist/composers as curated by Melody McKiver, a musician, interdisciplinary media artist and writer based in Ottawa.

McKiver is Anishinaabe of mixed heritage, with ancestry in Obishikokaang Wemitigoozhiiwitigwaaning Lac Seul First Nation. McKiver holds an MA in Ethnomusicology at the Memorial University of Newfoundland (2014), and was a regular visitor to the Music Gallery while pursuing an Honours BFA from York University (2010). McKiver’s musical practice draws upon a broad set of influences that includes hip hop, electronic, contemporary classical, jazz, and blues. McKiver also works with digital video and photography to capture images of Indigenous resurgence, and uses this footage editorially and within video and sound art.

Recently relocated to Toronto from the Vancouver music scene, Cris Derksen has established herself as one of Canada’s leading collaborators in the Aboriginal arts community. In her busy schedule, she’s worked with musicians such as throat singer Tanya Tagaq, and scored music for dance companies such as Kahawi Dance Theater and the CBC’s four-part series Eighth Fire. As a solo performer, Cris’ performances are energetic, presenting cello looped and accompanied with drum machines, keys, and vocals.

At the helm of scrappy chamber music quartet Clarinet Panic Deluxx is composer and cellist Cory Latkovich. His chamber compositions are often quiet and slow – but in Clarinet Panic there is no such timidity. Bringing together saxophonist Karen Ng, guitarist Sebastian Shinwell, and percussionist D. Alex Meeks, the quartet are all graduates of York University’s music program and stalwarts of Toronto’s experimental music community. Together, they steer the music through a wide range of dynamics, turn on a dime, and deftly executing compositions that never stop rolling.


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