Saturday April 12

The Music Gallery, Noam Bierstone, and Bryan Holt presents:

Doors 7pm | Concert 8pm
Tickets $20 regular | $15 member | $10 student
$20 Advance BUY NOW

Toronto-born musicians Noam Bierstone and Bryan Holt join forces to present an evening of avant-garde Scandinavian works for cello and percussion. Extended cello techniques and a variety of percussion objects combine to create a vast array of sonic landscapes. Lummelundagrottan is a cave on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea; Teresa Carrasco uses the natural elements of wood, stone, and water along with whisperings of a Swedish poem to depict the echo of the cave. In Stones – Ash, Ash, Esaias Järnegard reflects on the icy harmonies, metallic sounds, distortion, and distant resonances heard in the depths of the cold Swedish winter. In contrast, Danish composer and installation artist Simon Steen-Anderson is interested in the physical and choreographic aspects of each instrumentalist simultaneously performing the same movements in Next to Beside Besides, rather than the sonic combination of the instruments.

In addition to these three duos, Noam and Bryan will each perform a solo by Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho. Six Japanese Gardens for percussion and electronics reflects Saariaho’s impressions of gardens in Tokyo, with the instrumental colour palate extended by sounds of nature, ritual songs, and percussion objects heard in the electronics. Sept Papillons for cello is made up of seven miniatures, each studying a different aspect of fragile and ephemeral movement that has neither beginning nor end.

noambierstone.com | bryanholt.ca
Teresa Carrasco (*1980) – Lummelundagrottan (2012)
Kaija Saariaho (*1952) – Spins and Spells (1997)
Matthew Burtner (*1970) – That which is bodiless is reflected in bodies (2004)
Simon Steen-Andersen (*1976) – Next to Beside Besides (2003/2006)
Pierluigi Billone (*1960) – Mani.Gonxha (2011)
Kaija Saariaho – Sept Papillons (2000)
Esaias Järnegard (*1983) – Stones – Ash, Ash (2011)


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