Jerusalem In My Heart + Steve Kado



Friday May 9

Jerusalem In My Heart +
Steve Kado

Part of the New World Series

Doors 7pm / Concert 8pm
Tickets $20 Regular / $10 Member
$15 Advance at Soundscapes or BUY NOW

Exploring the universal consciousness of monorhythms

Jerusalem In My Heart forges a modern experimental Arabic music by wedding melismatic singing in classic Arabic styles with throbbing electronic production. They interweave their musical content with 16mm film projections and light-based (de)constructions of space, exploring a relationship between music, visuals, projections and audience. No two JIMH events are alike. JIMH’s vocals and purposefully blown-out sonic sensibility have been the consistent thread, but neither its music nor visual propositions have ever repeated themselves. This was one of the reasons why JIMH resisted for eight years any official documentation or definitive recording of the project until releasing Mo7it Al-Mo7it on Constellation in March 2013. This concert marks the debut of an all-new stage show and repertoire to be recorded for their next album.

Jerusalem In My Heart currently exists around the core of Radwan Ghazi Moumneh carrying musical duties and Montreal filmmaker Charles-André Coderre projecting hand-made visuals using analog 16mm film & 35mm slides on multiple site-specific screen installations.

Exploring the powerful repetitive nature of the monorhythm, a single, non-syncopated pulse, Steve Kado has been composing and performing extremely repetitive music for the last year. All his work in this direction shares a single title, 2003. These efforts have ranged from works for solo drum machine or solo breathing to large ensemble pieces for large, casually organized groups of musicians playing large varieties of instruments in a variety of contexts. While the solo works speak to an extremely focused personal masochism, the group works utilize the open and ‘democratic’ structures pioneered by Terry Riley in works like “In C” to govern the complex interactions of the large and shifting ensemble.


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