Lido Pimienta: La Papessa + Ramzi


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Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Music Gallery presents:
Lido Pimienta: La Papessa + Ramzi

Doors: 7pm | Concert: 8pm
Concert: The Music Gallery, 197 John St.
Tickets: $20 regular | $10 member | $15 advance at Soundscapes or BUY NOW


We end our festival about transculturalism with a celebration of multiple affiliation as Colombian-Canadian agent provocateur Lido Pimienta unpacks her own many identities as a woman, immigrant, mother, student, rebel and money-earning artist.


Pimienta will hold court as the “priestess” (referencing her forthcoming album La Papessa “The High Priestess”) and preach love, self-expression, equity, and the destruction of gender biases amidst a whirlwind of quasi-religious fervour abetted by special guests.


Pimienta has come a long way since her first appearance at the Music Gallery in 2011. She has toured throughout the Americas, released numerous Tropical Bass-styled records, linked up with a wide swath of Toronto’s visual arts community and has been profiled by media as diverse as The Grid, Club Fonograma, Noisey, NPR and Chartattack.


Pimienta’s collaborators are musicians in the Diaspora whose practices push music, performance and visual art to places in the periphery of culture, escaping a white cube standard.


La Papessa welcomes Mas Aya and Melody McKiver to join the collective message in harmony and rhythm. Visuals will be supervised by Adrienne Crossman & Peter Rahul; they will also design a performative ritual utilizing digital and analog projection addressing issues surrounding stigmas towards mental health.


Lido Pimienta will sermonize, sing, cajole and confound like nobody else you’ve ever seen.


Ramzi kicks things off. Montreal’s Phoebe Guillemot has developed her voice through Ableton, deftly and judiciously sampling small bits of songs and fragments of noise from the Caribbean, Africa and South East Asia. Ramzi aims for a spiritual, polyglot music born from abstraction. She has performed at MUTEK and released music through Los Discos Enfantasmes


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